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Eyelash extensions are natural-looking synthetic eyelashes that are meticulously applied to your existing lashes for a longer, more voluminous look without the use of makeup.


Eyelash Lift & Tint - $62+


Classic Full Set - $175+

Classic Fill - $61+

A method where 1 lash extension is glued to 1 natural lash. This method is also known as 1 to 1 or 1:1. Classic lashes are perfect for clients who already have a lot of lashes, but want to add more length or curl, which will result in a fuller looking lash line. A full set takes 1.5-2 hours. A fill takes about an hour and is recommended every 2-3 weeks.


Hybrid Full Set - $195+

Hybrid Full - $71+

A mix of classic and volume extensions. Hybrid lashes offer you a varied texture and more volume, but without the sometimes-unnatural look of volume lashes. A full set takes about 2-2.5 hours. A fill takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, and is recommended every 2.5-3 weeks.


Volume Full Set - $215+

Volume Fill - $81+

Volume lashes offer you a full, better-than-falsies look that gives you some serious glamour and drama. These involve applying a "fan" of lash extensions to one lash. So, instead of the 1:1 ratio of classic lashes, you may have a 1:3 or 1:5. This is how luxurious volume is achieved! A full set takes 2.5-3 hours. A fill takes about 1 hour and 15-30 minutes, and a fill is recommended every 2-2.5 weeks.